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10 Best Location Tracking Apps for Find Your Lost Phone for Android

Find the lost phone Family Locator

Have any brothers experienced the feeling of a lost phone? The most annoying thing is that your phone saves phone numbers, personal information, pictures, videos. Also, don’t comfort yourself that someone else can’t open your phone. They are willing to erase all data to get into your phone or may not need to delete but still be able to access it. So always need to install location tracking apps so that when you lose you can locate your phone.

However, it is common to lose a phone or get stolen, and it can happen to anyone. So it’s better to make sure your phone is safe by installing location tracking apps. So, in this article, I will present you the list of 10 best lost phone finder apps in 2020. If you play big you can use RAT on Android , but if you are a regular user, you have Can try the following 10 phone locator software:

List of 10 best location tracking apps for Android

1.  Family Locator

Find the lost phone Family Locator

This is one of the best location tracking apps for Android that you can install right now. The great thing about Family Locator is that it allows you to make circles with your friends and family. Members of your circles can keep track of where you are. The application uses the phone’s GPS sensor to mark your location on the map.

2.  Cerberus Phone Security

app locator phone Cerberus Phone Security

This app is not available on Google Play. However, this is one of the most reliable and anti-theft apps you can use on Android. It provides users with many different features such as device lock, phone reset, alarm activation, … Not only that, Cerberus Phone Security can also turn on the flash on a lost phone. It also tracks the phone’s location via GPS, and can even access the front camera to take pictures of the thief.

3.  Find My Device

Find My Device app find the lost phone

This is an application provided by Google. This application does all the basic features like turn on alarm, Lock device, etc. Not only that, it also allows you to erase your phone via web interface. To track location, the application relies on GPS functions on the phone. Best of all, it’s free.

4.  Prey Anti Theft

Anti-theft phone application Prey Anti Theft

It is one of the best and top rated anti-theft, data security and device management, phone location tracking apps available on Play Store. This application allows you to create control zones on the map to alert you when the device is in and out of the control area. In addition, Prey Anti Theft is known for its very accurate GPS positioning feature.

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5. Find My Phone

Find My Phone

With Find My Phone, you can easily find your lost or stolen phone. It uses the GPS function of your phone to locate the phone is lost or lost. Whenever the lost or stolen device moves, its location is instantly updated on the app’s map and website.

6.  Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

If you are looking for a powerful and accurate GPS tracking app for Android devices, then you can try Phone Tracker By Number. This application is designed to find the location of the phone by cell phone number. You need to set up the app on Android and register your phone number. Once done, you should be able to track your device’s GPS location.

7.  My Family – Family Locator

My Family - Family Locator

This is one of the best parental control apps available on Google Play. Unlike every other app, My Family – Family Locator also lets you create circles with your friends and family. Once done, the app will display the real-time location of all added contacts on a private home map. My Family – Family Locator also allows you to check your phone’s location history for the past 30 days.

8.  Locator 24

 Locator 24

Locator 24 is the best parental control app available on Android. App allows you to create both Child Profile and Parent Profile. Depending on your selection, the app provides the unique ID you need to share with other devices. Once added, the app allows you to view the location history of the members of your circles, send you notifications when someone enters a specified location, send alerts in an emergency, …

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9.  iSharing Location Tracker

iSharing Location Tracker

iSharing Location Tracker allows family members and friends to share location privately. With iSharing Location Tracker, you can see real-time location of added contacts, get real-time notifications of any location-based events, track lost or stolen smartphones, .. The app also offers free voice messaging.

10.  Find My Devices

Find My Devices

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use phone tracking app for Android devices, then you need to give Find My Devices a try. This is a cross-platform app that helps you locate a lost or stolen Android device. It also offers location alerts and sends you notifications whenever the device enters or leaves a predefined location.

Above are the 10 best location tracking apps for your lost phone. I hope this article helps you! If you know any other apps, let me know in the fee comment section below.

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