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9 Google Android Pro Apps For Free (Grab it Fast)


Free Android APP from google. You can download it free while it was on Promo.

All Free Google Androind APP can be downloaded from the link bellow.

1Simple Nav Bar – Navigation Bar – Simple Control

Simple Nav Bar Free Android APP from Google StoreSimple Navigation Bar app helps if you have failed and broken button or trouble using buttons or navigation bar panel is not working properly.

Essential and powerful navigation keys for smartphones are just one swipe away.
Simple Navbar comes with easy to use Floating Navigation bar panel to replace soft keys such as the back, home, recent, and notification drawer.

You can also configure app shortcuts and other actions on the keys single press and long press events. Its smart navigation bar app works as an assistive touch for android.

Key Features:
– Auto-hide navigation bar.
– One swipe to access and hide.
– Single press actions for home, back, recent, and notification keys.
– Long press actions for home, back, recent, and notification keys.
– Change background color, icon color, icon size, panel size, etc.
– Change navigation bar size, thickness, and transparency
– Change position of the Navigation bar.
– App shortcuts on a single press and long press events.


2Contacts Widget – Quick Dial Widget – Speed Dial

Contacts Widget – Quick Dial Widget – Speed Dial

Contacts widget app makes it possible to organise favourite contacts by placing contacts widgets on home screen. Choose contacts for each folder widget, name it and customise it.

Place your favourite contacts on single folder on home screen using Contacts widget app.
Quick dial to favourite contacts from home scree widgets.

Quick call or sms to contacts from home screen contacts widgets. There are some more options to customise the widget folder look and feel as per your liking.

☑ Any number of contacts widget on home screen.
☑ Organise folder wise contacts.
☑ Quick dial contacts and sms.
☑ Change folder name, back color and text color.
☑ Simple and clean UI for easy access to main functions.



3Equalizer FX Pro

Equalizer FX Pro

Equalizer FX , bass booster and volume booster ( Eq & Bass) can improve the sound quality of your android phone.

You can use any media player (music player, video player, etc.) , the equalizer can also change the original sound quality.

Equalizer , Bass Booster, and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass) can also increase the volume of mobile phone system, such as media volume, voice volume, system volume, ring tone volume, alarm volume, prompt volume, you can easily control.

Equalizer FX, Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass), there are also 6 volume modes for you to choose, such as normal mode, music mode, outdoor mode, meeting mode, sleep mode, mute mode and custom mode, you can choose these modes according to your situation.

Using Equalizer FX , Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( Eq & Bass), you can enjoy your music better

Music Equalizer, Bass Booster ( Eq & Bass) Features:
✔ Equalizer effect (Eq effect )
✔ Bass Boost effect (Bass effect )
✔ Volume Booster effect (Volume effect )
✔ 6 volume modes
✔ 6 volume booster
✔ 7 bands equalizer
✔ Virtualizer effect
✔10 equalizer presets
✔ 2 Visual spectrums (spectrums effect )
✔ Music playback control
✔ Listen to good music whatever audio player you use
✔ Listen to good music



4Voice Recorder Pro ? High Quality Audio Recording

Voice Recorder Pro ? High Quality Audio Recording

This is the audio recording application that needs to be available on your phone, Voice Recorder helps you to record audio in a professional and easy way right on your phone. Use this sound recorder and editor app to record meetings, speeches, lectures, songs with high quality, and more!

One of the handiest features of any Android device is the ability to record yourself. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to do so as well. Musicians may want to record a new idea, journalists need to record interviews, and some even set it up to see if they talk in their sleep. The good news is that you don’t have to go and buy a voice recorder from someplace. Your smartphone is perfectly capable of handling it for you! Here is the best voice recorder app for Android!

Voice Recorder is a smart sound recording app designed for recording and saving high-quality audio on Android mobile devices. With this sound recorder app, users can quickly record, save, and play audio and voice notes in high quality over their smartphones.

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking 🙂 or anything else.
This audio recorder works well on smartphones and tablets, with and without external storage.


5CPU Identifier Pro

CPU Identifier Pro

CPU Identifier is a CPU and hardware information, diagnostic, and analysis tool for Android devices. CPU Identifier displays detailed information on the CPU and hardware components of an Android device. It detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware features of your Android smartphone and presents the information in a simple tabs view.

CPU Identifier features –

System Info: detailed information about your Android OS, runtime, kernel, and SDK.

CPU Info: provides information about CPU architecture, CPU cores with real-time core clock measurements and CPU usage.

Display Info: reports information about the screen resolution, pixel density, and aspect ratio.

Graphics Info: provides information about GPU and video driver.

Memory Info: detailed analysis of RAM including RAM usage, buffers, cache, and swap.

Camera Info: a diagnostic tool for your camera hardware, reports information about picture resolution, lens, focal length, and other camera features.

Storage Info: shows information about storage devices (HDDs, eMMCs, SD Cards).

Battery Info: detailed diagnostic of your device battery including charge capacity, output voltage, and battery temperature.

Sensors Info: reports information about sensors like accelerometer and magnetometer including range, resolution, and power usage.



6Manual FX Camera – FX Studio

Unlimited photo creativity. Manual FX Camera – FX Studio is the creative “world” for digital artists of all skill levels. You get more high-quality photo filters and photo effects than in any similar photography software.


– Photo
– Burst Mode
– Slow Shutter
– Portrait Mode – requires a dual-lens camera system
– 3D Photos – requires a dual-lens camera system
– Video
– Time Lapse

FX Camera is designed to do one thing and one thing exceptionally well — to help you take truly amazing photos with manual camera controls. These precise controls are always within reach and completely free of useless clutter. By keeping irrelevant interface elements out of your way, FX Camera creates a straightforward user experience for getting the most out of your phone’s incredible camera.

✬ Manual FX Camera gives you DSLR-like controls with an intuitive interface.

✬ Create photos with different effects and another pro HD camera pro features

✬ 4K video recording on a supported device, turn your phone into 4k camera

✬ Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style.


– Lock exposure, focus, white balance
– Face detection / facial recognition
– Manual Focus like DSLR camera
– DSLR camera feature to choose manual ISO
– Realtime Photo Filter
– Choose to and 4k video quality and resolution.
– Remote control timer
– Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photos and videos
– Location targeting feature
– Remove with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
– RAW Photo Capture
– Realtime histogram
– Focus Peaking
– Easily change video formats
– 4k, 60p, 24p, slo-mo on supported devices
– Ultrawide and telephoto lens support
– Audio level meter
– Photos and videos filters

Any creative look. Dozens of filters. In one click. Experiment with the look and feel of your images. Get a gigantic collection of filters and effects inside of Manual FX Camera – FX Studio



7Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO

Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO

Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO is developed for your baby and you. You can put to sleep your baby easily with white noises. Therefore, you won’t lose your time trying to sleep with your baby. You can teach animals sounds and names with animal sounds. You can be relaxed with nature sounds. The app doesn’t need the internet and it’s only 25mb. You can stop sounds with a timer when you want. Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO includes 24 unique white noises, 18 animal sounds, and 27 nature sounds.


You can use a timer to stop playing sounds in a specific time.

Background audio
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO supports background sound. Therefore, while sounds are playing, you can do what you want with a phone like you can lock or close the screen, play a game, use other apps, etc.

Offline support
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO doesn’t need the internet. You can use Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO every time and everywhere without an internet connection.

Clean design without any ads
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO has a clean, basic, and easy design. Also, the app hasn’t any ads. Therefore, you can use the app easily without annoying ads.


8Termux Launcher Pro

Termux Launcher Pro

Ever wonder if you can use your phone like a pro hacker? Now with Aris themes, you can search your app/contacts instantly and do a lot of things just like a real hacker.

Build-in commands
app>uninstall: to uninstall an app
app>info: to launch app’s detail page
app/contact>add: to put an app/contact into folder
app/contact>remove: to remove an app/contact from folder
app/contact>hide: to disable an app/contact from being searched
clipboard: to get the text in clipboard
restart: to restart Aris
clear: to clear the console output
show: to re-enable disabled apps/contact
wifi: to toggle WiFi
Bluetooth: to toggle Bluetooth
folder: to display folder
apps: to display all apps
flash: to toggle flash
weather: to display current weather
shell: to use shell
locate: to display an image of your current location
note: to start editing a note
encrypt: to send an encrypted message
anything>ls: to display information of an item
code: to display a window displaying codes
anything>tts: text to speech
number: to make a phone calls
equation: to calculate the equation



9Black Army Diamond – Icon Pack – Fresh dashboard

Black Army Diamond – Icon Pack – Fresh dashboard

A tweaked version of the Candybar dashboard: Splash screen, Fonts, Immersive mode, Layout, Custom icons, Bigger icon preview, and many tiny things… In other words, a new user experience! 🙂

– We work on ALL icon requests and often publish updates
– Free / Premium icon requests. The limit of free requests is reset after each update.
4600+ icons… for now 🙂
4800+ app activities!
– 28 Clock widgets
– Icon mask for unsupported apps with a grayscale effect!
– 196 wallpapers
– Responsive themes. Contact us if you have trouble using our icon pack!

We use Candybar as a base to get a dashboard. Several launchers are mentioned as compatible but here is below a more precise list based on my own experience. I tested all these launchers manually.
Please tell me if I made a mistake or if you tried other launchers, thank you!

The choice of the category depends on:
– basic icon pack support
– the icon pack can be applied from our dashboard
– the default shape of the icon mask is supported
– the default color of the icon mask is supported

Note: you can apply the icon pack from the dashboard and all features are working as expected
ADW launcher, Nova Launcher, and Smart launcher

Note: all features are working well but you will have to apply the icon pack from the settings of the launcher. Not a big deal 🙂
Evie launcher and Hyperion launcher

Note: we provide a feature on our monochrome icon packs to keep a good harmony even for unsupported apps
Apex launcher, Flick launcher, Lawnchair launcher, Microsoft (preview) launcher, Nougat N+ launcher, Lucid launcher, M launcher, Posidon launcher, Solo launcher, 3D live launcher, Apolo launcher, Yandex launcher, CC launcher, Final interface, Niagara launcher, O launcher, One S10 launcher, Pear launcher, Pie launcher, Square home, and Total launcher.

Note: Both icon masking features won’t work. Depending on the launcher, I’ve been very disappointed. Please do not blame us if you are using these launchers. We can’t do anything…
Either the default shape of the icon mask is not applied or it’s applied above the original icon so we no longer see it…
Action launcher, Holo launcher, Poco launcher, Blackberry launcher, GO Ex launcher Z, C launcher, Apex launcher classic, Arc launcher, ASAP launcher, Ceri launcher, Line launcher (dodol), Galaxy S launcher, KISS launcher, Lean launcher, and Rootless Pixel launcher.

About Arc launcher and ASAP launcher, users have to unlock the premium features to apply an icon pack so I have no idea if the icon mask works.

Note: Switch to a better launcher right now! 🙂
C launcher, Apus launcher, Bliss launcher, CMM launcher, HiOS launcher, IOS launcher, Launcher for Win 10, Launcher 3, Light Android launcher, PlusOne launcher, and Trebuchet launcher.

Get in touch:
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/OSheden
• Telegram: https://t.me/OSheden
• Email: Ashenden (@) gmail.com


If you need help PLEASE contact us by email, Twitter or Telegram. We often need additional information so PLEASE do NOT use the review system to report a bug.

You can get a refund within 2 hours from mobile and 48 hours from the desktop (if it was your 1st purchase). You can also drop us an email with your order ID (GPA….).


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