Home Health Can I lose weight by eating only one meal a day?

Can I lose weight by eating only one meal a day?

Can I lose weight by eating only one meal a day?
Can I lose weight by eating only one meal a day?

Absolutely, don’t listen to others. I have been a fitness instructor for five years and a model body training instructor for two years. I graduated from Beijing Saipu Fitness Academy in 13 years and I was a tutor Lin Ge. Not comparable to the current seven-day crash course coaches.

I have answered similar questions before. Dieting will lead to a decline in metabolism, but there is a limit to the decline in metabolism. As long as you are alive, the metabolism cannot be as low as possible. You can look at those places in Africa that don’t have enough to eat. Like the rod, you tell me that I can’t be thin?

Otherwise, it’s persuading you to eat nutritious meals, or it’s persuading you to exercise. Anyway, it’s all related to your interests. I take others to private tutoring and I also talk about it. It’s fine, it’s written like that in the book, but I’m the most skinny. In that month, I not only did not exercise but also diet. I lost 24 kilograms in a month, but I did not rebound after resuming my diet.

Rebound is basically all about eating and drinking after resuming the diet, high oil, and salt intake, it’s weird if you don’t rebound. As long as your intake is lower than the human body’s minimum metabolism, there will never be a rebound. Rebound also requires calorie intake. Only by entering you can you rebound. You calculate the calories, and gradually recover gradually. While recovering the calories, your metabolism also recovers, rebound a hammer.

I don’t have to sell personal trainers on the Internet. I don’t understand. Some personal trainers are like robbing them of their jobs when they hear other people’s diets. The method of money, you have to know that not everyone has time to exercise, and not everyone has time to make nutritious meals.

Next, I will talk about how to diet.

Three meals a day reduced to two meals,

One meal reduction from two meals a day

Eat staple food normally. Don’t listen to some Douyin talking about carbon and oil. If you don’t take in the staple food, the endocrine disorder will be mild, and the aunt will run away. Although the man does not have the aunt, he will lose hair and muscle.

It is oil and salt that should be controlled. Try to keep the oil and salt as low as possible. It can be boiled and steamed without oil frying. As for what kind of food you want, you can eat any vegetable or meat. There is no white meat that does not grow fat. Red meat If you eat it, you will grow fat. Let me popularize a knowledge point. The fat you eat cannot be directly converted into your fat storage. The principle is to Baidu. I don’t bother to write too long. It’s ok to eat meat and vegetables without worry. Yes, 8 points full.

In fact, all snacks and beverages have been banned, and occasionally eat one or two low-sugar fruits. As for which ones are low-sugar? What should I do if I don’t like eating on Baidu? It’s better not to eat, the vitamins in fruits and vegetables are more abundant.

Just eat like this, eat one less calorie every day, can he not lose weight?

What I personally use is to eat only one meal a day, which is more difficult. The method is the same as the above. There is no physical discomfort. Now it has not rebounded after five years. Of course, you have to tell me that I will rebound in ten years and I will take the soles of you.

There is a popular saying in fitness, three points training, and seven points eating. If you put it in weight loss, you will lose one point. If you eat nine points, you can’t consume a KFC meal you eat for an hour. You told me that fitness is more important than diet. ? Everyone eats this bite of rice, but you can’t eat the rice on the Internet. I think you don’t have to be so bitter. Can you die if you tell the truth to you? Glycogen, you seem to be tall if you just pull some words that Xiaobai doesn’t understand?

Be more down-to-earth and talk about something that everyone can easily achieve, but if she can go to the gym to buy a personal trainer, she won’t know how to ask. In the case of not making money, she feels comfortable to be a good person.

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