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How To ByPass 750 GB Google Drive Download Limit Using Telegram Bot

AutoRclone: rclone copy/move/sync (automatically) With Service Accounts
AutoRclone: rclone copy/move/sync (automatically) With Service Accounts

This Bot is based on Python 3, please install Python 3 first.


  • Install Python 3.7+ (recommended the latest version 3.8)
  • Download gclone
  • Familiarize yourself with gclone and get a json containing service account identity information
  • Apply for a Telegram Bot and get token
  • Get your own telegram ID, you can use this robot

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Download the ZIP version or download via git clone

git clone https://github.com/BlueSkyXN/gclonebotontg
cd telegram_gcloner

Install dependencies via requirements.txt

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Copy config.ini.exampleand rename to config.inimodify the corresponding content (recommended to use the pagoda panel operation),

Edit config file

  • path_to_gclone = gclone.exe path (if Linux distributions are obtained by installation, they can not be filled in. Win is not filled in if it has been added to the path)
  • telegram_token=Telegram robot token
  • user_ids = your telegram ID (multiple are replaced with commas, the first ID is the administrator)

If you are interested, you can adjust ./utils/restricted.pythe permissions in the place, instead of responding only to user_idsthe users in

Run the Bot

  1. Running telegram_gcloner.py.
  2. Upload a ZIP file containing SA to the robot and fill in the information title /sa. Mobile phone users can upload the ZIP file first and then reply to the message /sa.
  3. Send the /foldersset frequently used folders to the robot .
  4. Send or forward information with Google Drive link to the robot, and follow the prompts.

Note that the default startup program is in the telegram_gcloner directory in the telegram_gcloner in the root, and the quick start command is

cd telegram_gcloner && cd telegram_gcloner && python3 telegram_gcloner.py
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