Home Health How to eat every day to lose weight?

How to eat every day to lose weight?

How to eat every day to lose weight?
How to eat every day to lose weight?

In the past, I was a super fat man (it felt like the car was sinking when I got in the car), and I completely lost weight by this method. Today I will share my diet with you without any reservation.

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Top priority

Before entering the text, let me tell you a little secret : [90% of weight loss methods are tricky]

The first step to lose weight is definitely to find away, and in the process of searching, you will learn some amazing ways to lose weight, such as: fruit weight loss method, corn weight loss method, yogurt weight loss method, meal replacement milkshake weight loss method, in fact, in essence, It’s all on a diet. You may be able to lose 10 pounds in 7 days by dieting, but your body is completely destroyed.

Dieting can cause various problems in your body: endocrine disorders, hair loss, emotional out-of-control… and even menopause. The most frightening thing is that once you resume your normal diet, your rebound will double…

Next, I will teach you how to eat scientifically. Follow my method and within a month, make sure you at least change the size of your clothes to medium size and medium-size to small size! (The kind that doesn’t rebound and can eat full!)

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1. What is brushing

2. Recommended ingredients during fat loss

3. How to eat these ingredients every day

Four, eight problems encountered in the process of fat reduction

1. What is brushing

The term “fat brushing” may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone. Generally, everyone will say “weight loss” and “fat reduction”. In fact, “fat brushing” is generally used by professional fitness personnel. It can be understood as passing through efficient and scientific Quickly lose fat

If you want to brush fat, exercise is essential, but at the same time, how to eat and what to eat are also very important issues. Eating right can make fat brushing twice the result with half the effort. If you eat the wrong fat, you will work hard for two hours and get back to liberation. before

The essence of fat loss is that the daily calorie intake is less than the daily calorie consumption. Only by estimating the daily calories, you consume can you correctly formulate a diet

Female basal metabolic rate=661+9.6*weight (kg)+1.72*height (cm)-4.7*age

Male basal metabolic rate=67+13.73*weight (kg)+5*height (cm)-6.9*age

The above is the calculation method of human energy demand in an ideal state. If you participate in activities or sports, energy consumption will increase.

Specific algorithm:

Sitting lifestyle (very little exercise) basal metabolism *1.15

Light activity, basic metabolism of daily activities*1.3

Medium-intensity fitness (3-4 exercises per week) basal metabolism*1.4

Intensive fitness (more than 4 times a week) basal metabolism*1.6

Professional athletes (more than 6 times a week) basal metabolism*1.8

Looks very sophisticated look, have to calculate count, more lazy approach is to calculate the basal metabolic Baidu [] only need to enter their own data, a key will be able to get the results

In addition, I have a more lazy way: stretch out your fist, every time you eat a punch of protein, two punches of vegetables, half a punch of staple food, it is simple enough!

Now that you know how much you should eat, let me recommend some foods that will make your fat brushing more effective!

2. Recommended ingredients during fat loss

What to eat to lose fat faster? To put it simply, let your diet be high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrate, low in salt, and low in sugar

1. High-quality carbon water

Ingesting high-quality carb staple foods can help control blood sugar, increase satiety, and slow down the appearance of hunger. Therefore, it is very necessary to consume high-quality carbs foods. What are the high-quality carbs? Let me one by one Introduction

Quinoa: Quinoa contains very rich nutrients, and the sugar content, fat content, and calories are all at a low level. It is a very high-quality carbohydrate


Whole wheat pasta, soba noodles, whole wheat bread: wheat bran can keep you feeling full for a long time, but be aware that some products are made with some butter, shortening, etc., be sure to buy It is necessary to see the list of ingredients and nutritional ingredients. The more whole wheat flour and buckwheat flour, the better

(Moreover, some products are called whole wheat, but the first place in the ingredient list is wheat. Such products are not suitable for trial during the fat reduction period)


Brown rice: After eating brown rice, the body’s blood sugar rises at a slower rate, blood sugar is not easy to rise, but cell absorption is reduced, which can achieve the effect of weight loss.

Brown rice
Brown rice

Cold knowledge: In Japan, eating brown rice is a very popular way to lose weight

It is recommended that you can buy well-matched five-color brown rice, including brown rice, red rice, black rice, oat rice, and buckwheat are all high-quality carbs that are very suitable for fat reduction!

Pumpkin, corn, purple sweet potato, taro, oatmeal: all common low-calorie, a strong feeling of fullness, very suitable for high-quality carbs as a staple food during the fat reduction period

2. High-quality protein

Shrimp: low in fat

Chicken: rich in protein and low in calories

Fish meat: protein easily absorbed by the body

Egg white: an important source of protein

Skim milk: essential for low-fat and low-calorie weight loss

Soy products: tofu and soy milk are low-calorie, low-fat foods, and are rich in plant protein, which can supplement the protein consumed by muscle exercise

3. Low-calorie fruits and vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables suitable for consumption during the fat reduction period, please refer to the pictures for details

4. Fat-reducing drinks

Common reduced-fat drinks include: whole milk, sugar-free drinks, black coffee

Black coffee: Black coffee is very low in calories, and drinking a small cup of black coffee before a meal can suppress appetite and improve metabolism. Drinking black coffee after a meal can effectively break down fat, but you need to pay attention to no partner, no milk, and no sugar.

Sugar-free beverages: There are many sugar-free teas, sugar-free sodas and other drinks on the market. 0 fat, 0 calories, and 0 carbohydrates are very suitable for relieving gluttons during fat loss, but be careful not to be greedy.

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3. How to eat these ingredients every day

I don’t recommend that you follow a fixed recipe, because what you eat for each meal needs to be worked out according to your situation. The fixed recipe is too boring, and it is very difficult to stick to eating rigidly every day!

The best way is to learn nutrition matching and food classification by yourself. It is easier to achieve a slimming effect than fixed recipes, and it is easier to stick to it!

You can choose a vegetable salad with shrimps for dinner. You must pay attention to the salad. Choose low-calorie and low-fat salad dressing, or no salad dressing

As long as understand what each category of food has, and every meal what type of foods need to eat every day of a reduced-fat meal can be efficient and Science

Considering that the situation of many student parties, office workers, and mothers is different, I have summarized a set of how to eat in the canteen, takeaway, dinner, and home-based on the experience of students in similar situations

1. Canteen

List our formula first

Breakfast: high-quality carbohydrate + high-quality protein + low GI fruits and vegetables

It is very convenient to get protein in the canteen. Almost every canteen has eggs for breakfast. If you don’t like eggs, you can buy protein bars online, but the price is high.

I designed two breakfast combinations based on the situation of my student party students. You can use this as a reference

Egg + corn + milk + low-calorie fruit

Sugar-free oats + eggs + low-calorie fruits

The method of making oatmeal for breakfast is very simple, it can be done in a few minutes in the dormitory every morning


Don’t eat breakfast like steamed buns, fried dough sticks, and won stew in the cafeteria. Almost all are carbohydrates and have very little protein.

Lunch: high-quality protein + low-calorie vegetables + low-GI fruits + high-quality carbon water

Half a bowl of staple food + non-fried, non-braised meat + less oily vegetables (green vegetables are basically edible)

How can the food in the canteen are really oily, you can rinse it with a bowl of water


Fatty pork, braised pork, fried food, desserts, noodles

Dinner: low-calorie vegetables + low-calorie fruits + high-quality protein

Just like breakfast, fruits can be replaced with stir-fried vegetables. Don’t eat midnight snacks.

3. Dinner

In daily life, it’s inevitable to go out to dinner with family and friends. If you are faced with a large table of delicious food, it’s too painful to watch and not eat.

So I have summarized a few ways for you to participate in dinner parties without breaking the fat-reducing diet

(1) Before the party

Priority is given to restaurants with less oil, such as Chaoshan soup hot pot, Japanese food, and light food.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t decide where to eat together. Eat some fat-reduced placemats at home in advance to cushion your stomach, and then you will have less appetite for dinner parties

(2) At the party

Choose non-fried meat, vegetables, and fruits with low sugar and low calories. Alcohol can be drunk, but try to drink less

Talk with friends, drink water, drink tea, and divert your attention from food during parties

(3) After the party

If you eat too much at the party, it’s okay, don’t worry, continue to lose fat the next day, keep your mind, don’t overeating because of this

Wake up early the next day, drink a cup of black coffee, do some aerobic exercises, one-time indulgence will not have a big impact on the great cause of weight loss.

4. Home

If you are a mother who is recovering from the postpartum body, then look at this part carefully!

Breakfast: Eat high-quality protein and whole grains for breakfast

Oatmeal + whole milk + low-calorie fruit

Purple sweet potato + two to three egg whites, one egg yolk + one kiwi

The examples in this part are all selected from the recipes that I have customized for a mother. It can ensure a balanced nutritional intake and is easy to make.

Taboo :

Don’t eat too much cold food, such as salad.


Braised beef + green vegetables + rice

Boiled shrimp + green vegetables + rice

As for the amount of lunch, it can be calculated as a punch of meat, two punches of vegetables and half punch of rice


A certain amount of staple food should also be eaten for dinner , which can be whole grains, or refer to the lunch

Taboo :

Don’t eat too much soup supplements. This kind of supplement is the easiest to gain weight. Try not to eat health supplements for fat reduction. Nutritional products can be ingested from food.

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Four, eight problems encountered in the process of fat reduction

1. What should I do if I am hungry?

It is normal to be hungry during the fat brushing period , which means that the intake is lower than the body needs. When you are hungry, you should tell yourself “This situation is normal, and you will lose weight tomorrow!” But if you feel unwell when you are hungry, it means you eat too little. You can add some fruits and vegetables, and the amount of diet tomorrow should be appropriately increased.

2. What should I do if I eat high-calorie food?

At this time, we must calm our minds . If we are nervous, it will affect the effect of fat loss. Don’t blame yourself at this time, let alone give up. Tell yourself that this is the only time, and then continue to proceed according to the original plan. Never the next day Punish yourself for not eating or drinking!

3. Can a cheat meal be eaten during fat loss?

After a period of highly self-disciplined diet, you can indulge in some foods you want to eat, but be careful not to support it. This will help you continue to stick to it. At the same time, for people who are very strict with diet control, cheating meals can be Avoid the occurrence of a plateau.

But be careful, don’t overdo it , and you can’t indulge yourself in the name of cheating meal!

4. Why can’t I lose weight when I exercise every day? (Almost 100% of dieters have encountered this problem)

First of all, losing weight is not an overnight thing, it takes time; secondly, the right diet is also very important, if you only exercise, but eat completely without control, you may get fatter (always remember to eat three minutes exercise); In addition, exercise is not only aerobic, but also anaerobic. When you increase your consumption, it will make you look a lot better. Doing exercises and diet well will naturally do more with less and the effect will be obvious.

5. Can I lose weight by finding a weight loss recipe online?

Not necessarily. When choosing an internet celebrity’s weight loss recipe, you must understand his weight loss principle. If he uses only oil (or a certain fixed food) to lose weight, generally speaking , You won’t last for too long, and rebound is very easy, and if you pair you with a balanced diet with low energy and strong satiety, it can help you lose weight effectively.

6. Will it cause rough skin during weight loss?

If you use inappropriate methods to lose weight, such as simply restricting with low energy and losing a lot of vitamins and minerals, your skin is prone to dullness and roughness, but if you take a scientific diet and supplement enough nutrients , There is often no rough skin, if you match with reasonable exercise, it will make your lines more and more obvious (such as vest line)

7. Why am I getting fat?

You may have a problem with your body’s judgment. Most people’s weight loss goal is how many pounds to lose, but this goal is sometimes ineffective. As adults age, the internal body of the body is constantly changing, water is lost, bone density is reduced, and fat is increased. People between 20 and 40 under the same weight look different. Therefore, weight loss should not only be based on weight, but on body shape. After all, we should be looking for a good-looking appearance instead of xx catties.

8. Can I lose weight by staying up late without eating?

Staying up late is not conducive to weight loss . When you are seriously lack of sleep, your appetite is likely to become very strong. At the same time, because staying up late consumes the body’s energy, and it is an abnormal consumption, the message sent to the brain is that the body needs energy, so the digestion and absorption system will become very “efficient” and the body will automatically store more than usual. Energy, so sleep well!

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