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I lost 34 pounds, I will share with you some tips on losing weight

I lost 34 pounds, I will share with you some tips on losing weight

1. Don’t overdo sugar. You are fat, you think you eat too much, and want to lose weight through dieting. But in fact, the effect of dieting is very bad. Because you keep your stomach hungry for a long time, you have stomach problems. Because of your retaliatory diet, your weight rebounds. So when you want to fight obesity one day, the first step is to do It’s not about dieting or going to exercise right away. It’s about getting rid of high-carb foods as much as possible, eating low-carb foods as much as possible, and then with some simple exercises, your weight will continue to fall, this Weight loss methods have been recognized all over the world, and they are nothing new.

2. It is best to drink a glass of warm water before meals. It’s best to drink a glass of warm water before eating and wait 15 minutes before eating. This is very important.

3. Eight-point fullness is not the standard, the standard is: stop when you are hungry! ! During the meal with friends, I will be very happy to take on the role of greeting everyone, hot dishes and chopsticks, serve tea and water, replenish snacks, stand up and pick up the soup, and stop eating. There will be some short pauses during the eager meal. Because when you feel full, our body will remind you that it is time to stop eating. However, it takes nearly 20 minutes for the body to digest food before telling your brain to know that your stomach is full, which is why we always eat to death without knowing it.

4. Eat slowly and chew more! Chewing food longer, the brain has more time to receive the “signal” of satiety from the stomach. At the same time, the level of a substance called “hunger hormone” in the digestive and circulatory system in the human body has also significantly decreased. The most obvious benefit of self-feeling is that under the same meal time, I ate nearly half less than the people who ate together!

5. Want snacks? Throw in three mouthfuls! (Or you can share it with colleagues) barbecue, teppanyaki, fried skewers, French cakes, etc. Accept these desires psychologically. When you buy these foods, you must not be afraid to eat them all because of waste. At home, I never open a package of snacks! meeting! Super! Over! Three! Mouth! Remember, the mission of these snacks is completed when the greedy is relieved.

6. Separate meals! separate! separate! The only thing that people who eat out cannot avoid is the mouth-watering sauce rice! The oily soup is wrapped in rice grains, and you can eat it until you know it. While you are full, wait for the fat to ferment happily in each selling space!

7. Be in a better mood. A good mood has a positive effect on weight control. Anxiety, anger, and stress often require food to resolve. Do more things to make yourself happy!

8. Put a scale in the room. An accurate weight scale can objectively reflect your weight loss effect, and can secretly supervise your weight loss plan.

9. Don’t lie down immediately after eating. You can stand and watch the TV room for a while, or do some stretching to prevent you from getting fat. In addition, good muscle flexibility can help relieve fatigue, prevent injury, and improve temperament. Many girls with good figures press their legs while playing with mobile phones.

10. Develop a habit. Develop a habit, every time you go to the toilet, no matter the “big or small thing”, it is the same as you have to wash your hands. Do a one-minute exercise, whether it’s cervical spine exercises, push-ups, arm swings, or whatever. Think about how many times you go to the toilet every day. If you move your cervical spine, lower back, etc. every time you go to the toilet, your chances of getting these kinds of problems will be greatly reduced. After you develop a habit, such activities/exercises don’t take up a lot of your time at all, and you can lose weight with just a little effort.

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