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Roblox SkyBlox [Content Deleted] All Your Progress is Ok! and Change the Name to Roblox Islands

Roblox SkyBlox [Content Deleted] and Change the Name to Roblox Islands
Roblox SkyBlox [Content Deleted] and Change the Name to Roblox Islands

All players of Roblox may have noticed this popular game that we know the name as Skybox, The game forced to change his name to Islands regarding a DMCA request, They’ve been forced to change SkyBlox name to Islands. Keeping our old name could lead to our game being shut down for a few weeks. Their top priority is staying online. They thanked to their player for the continued support of the game!


The forced change name to Roblox Islands and the shutdown of Skyblox looks like the game has been shut down anyway. The shutdown it has to do with the DMCA, but it’s unclear at this time. You will not lose your progress according to the official account:

It appears that Easy.gg, the makers of the game, has received a DMCA request and was forced to change the name to Islands. If they had kept the old name, they might have had to shut down the game for a few weeks according to their tweet:

Hopefully, they will be able to keep this new name and continue to keep their popularity. Islands, while based on a Minecraft mod, is one of the more unique games on Roblox right now. It doesn’t have the same repetitive nature as many simulator games, and it isn’t a game that has guns in it. So, with this hopefully final name change, they can continue to add upon an already solid game!

You can play Islands on Roblox right here.

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