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Why is Weight Loss Not as Easy as You Tough?

1. Losing weight is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. Losing weight is not a sprint but a marathon. Many friends will ask me...

What kind of experience to be hungry and thin?

The advantages and disadvantages of being hungry and thin Benefits: No need to rack your brains to think about how to become a real skinny...

What is the cold knowledge of weight loss?

1. In daily activities, fat provides the most energy. Going to bed early and getting up early is really good for weight loss. 2. "Don't...

Why did you suddenly want to lose weight?

Because I realized that I was as fat as the proprietress in the community supermarket Born in 1992, the height is 169, and the weight...

How to eat every day to lose weight?

In the past, I was a super fat man (it felt like the car was sinking when I got in the car), and I...

The Fall, Free Epic Game

En.wtf - The Fall, Free Epic Game. The acclaimed story, engaging puzzles, tense action. You are ARID, the AI onboard a mark-7 combat suit....