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The fastest way to lose weight

The fastest way to lose weight
The fastest way to lose weight

30 kg in 3 months, I still feel okay, 170cm, weight 115!
It is necessary to control the diet to lose weight. We all know how to shut our mouths and open our legs. Do you think it is difficult to control your mouth and open your legs? Not difficult, but the difficulty lies in the difficulty of persisting ! !

This weight loss method was recommended to me by my colleague after successfully losing weight. When I was pregnant and went home to unload the goods, he was still a chubby fat paper. After giving birth to the baby and returning from a rest (about 5 months), I became a chubby fat man. He lost 50 kilograms and became a handsome guy!

I have eaten meal replacement biscuits, have eaten weight-loss pills, and have used thin packets, all of which have failed. But I am a lazy person and I have never exercised. I don’t want to exercise either.

His weight loss method is McGee’s weight loss method, everyone has heard of it. However, I have done it and lost 30 pounds. Today I will tell you about my methods and things to pay attention to.

Preparations: 1. Electronic scale 2. deep-sea fish oil (supplement of trace elements).

If you plan to use this method, please stop buying all clothing. There are three stages. The first stage is the fast weight-loss period. 12-14 days. Degree of difficulty: ●●

  1. Completely eliminate staple foods and all sugars. Drinking is completely forbidden.
  2. The diet is half meat and half vegetables. Soy products are also available, pay attention to the appropriate amount. Be careful not to put sugar in cooking. Meat refers to: chicken, duck, fish, pig, cattle, sheep, eggs, etc. Vegetables refer to: leafy vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Eight glasses of water a day, about 3000ml. Promote metabolism and burn fat;
  4. Unlimited diet, eat until you are satisfied.
  5. Deep-sea fish oil supplement trace elements to prevent hair loss without eating staple foods!

No exercise is required in the first stage. Generally, the glycogen stored in the body is exhausted after 2 days and enters the state of full fat energy supply. 

The recommended time is two weeks. At this stage, the weight loss can be measured every day. Generally, a person in the 80 kg class can lose about 10 kg. The quick-acting period is only 2 weeks. It is not recommended to exceed 2 weeks, because after 2 weeks of completely banning sugar, the human body will start to reduce basal metabolism, which will affect the effect.

At this stage, it is still very pleasant. Basically, the weight is dropped every day.

The second stage, 60 days of difficulty: ●●●●●

  1. Diet: In the first stage, add 1/4 or 1/3 of the staple food, and other meat and vegetables.
    Choose coarse grains as the staple food as far as possible, such as: soba noodles, oatmeal noodles, brown rice, konjac, and whole wheat bread.
  2. Fruits can also be eaten, apples are the first choice, other low sugar can also be eaten. You can drink milk too.
    You can also eat some nuts. Shancun tablets and deep-sea fish oil still have to be eaten (after all, hair transplants are quite expensive).
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  4. Exercise: In the second stage, moderate exercise is recommended for better results. (Lazy people do not want to exercise.)

Generally, it takes about 2~3 months to lose 20 kg of weight in the second stage. This stage is more painful. The number of the scale drops slowly, but because I can still eat, I think about it for so long. Can hold on.

The third stage is the over-balance period. After losing a few kilograms of weight, the human metabolic system and immune system need 3 months to adapt to your new weight. Start to gradually return to a normal diet, and gradually replace the staple food from coarse grains to fine grains. 

Still pay attention to weighing every day, reduce the intake if the weight becomes heavier, and increase the intake if the weight becomes lighter. At this stage, you should not pursue weight loss but stability. The purpose is to let your body remember your new weight and adjust the metabolic system to the best condition to adapt to the new weight, which is conducive to long-term maintenance in the future.

The whole process seems very simple. It is about three months, and you will be beautiful if you adapt. Probably the process is like this. I will sort out the details, and will continue to update and add mental processes to prevent the sisters from entering the pit.

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