Home Cryptocurrency The US government asked Hackers to steal Bitcoin

The US government asked Hackers to steal Bitcoin

The US government asked Hackers to steal Bitcoin

The US government asked the mysterious hacker “Personal X” to steal $ 1 billion of Bitcoin from the notorious black website.

While the entire US is focusing its attention on the presidential election, the Federal Reserve has quietly launched a billion-dollar campaign, completely knocking out one of the notorious smuggling lines. most underworld.

The US government asked Hackers to steal Bitcoin

The target of the Fed is Silk Road – a website specializing in drug trafficking and many other illegal items founded by Ross Ulbricht. In 2013, the FBI arrested Ulbricht after two years of silent investigation, but when they confiscated his personal computer, all information was encrypted and a large amount of illegal bitcoins.

No matter how hard the Fed tried, they still could not find a way to unlock and confiscate this money from Silk Road, which meant that no matter what Ulbricht was sentenced to life, his accomplices were on the same line can still continue to work wonders with this huge amount of money. It wasn’t until recently that the US Justice Department announced that the government had completely seized 69369 bitcoins , or $ 1 billion.

Interestingly, the experts of the Fed are not the performers of this mission, they had to spend time persuading a super expert in the hacker world to hand over large sums of money, his identity is completely secret. and is called by the codename “Individual X”, or “Individual X”. In fact, according to the criminal investigative team of the US Internal Revenue Service, the pseudonym Private X hacker successfully appropriated the Silk Road website sometime between 2012 or 2013 and accessed Ulbricht’s massive bitcoins before Silk Road collapsed in October 2013.

Over the course of 7 years, Person X has kept without spending a penny of these illegal funds, despite the massive fluctuations of the bitcoin. The investigation team of the US Internal Revenue Service has come up with several terms of agreement, asking Person X to cooperate with the government and in the end he will do well.

In fact, talented hackers are always watched by governments. Authorities are both cautious and careful to prevent them from committing crimes, and offer many incentives to invite them to cooperate. In the era of science and technology development, the war without gunfire on the internet is increasingly fierce, the party who holds the master hackers will have a superior advantage over the opponent. The “Person X” incident is one such anecdote.

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