Home Health To lose weight, will eating less really make you lose weight?

To lose weight, will eating less really make you lose weight?

To lose weight, will eating less really make you lose weight?
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I lost a month nearly 20 pounds , eat less really thin , I have lazy do not eat breakfast do not eat dinner, vegetarian meal rarely eat meat, really thin quickly. But the result is that I feel dizzy when I exercise vigorously, and my body is a little weak. One night I went home and saw a small cake in the refrigerator. I couldn’t stand it and grabbed it and ate it. Then I woke up the next day and found that I had gained 3 pounds . Then the appetite broke out uncontrollably, and the weight lost in a month rebounded back in ten days .

Now think about it, I was really stupid at the time. I was hungry for a month and not only didn’t lose weight but also broke my body.

Give up extreme dieting to lose weight and lose more than 30 catties, but it has not rebounded

Doing these right, weight loss is actually quite easy:

1The diet misunderstanding that weight loss must step on thunder

1. Diet is not eating

Many people think that dieting is to lie down and not eat anything. In fact, dieting is to let you eat less and more refined and eat healthy food. If you simply don’t eat, it will only hurt your body. Although you lose the scale quickly, the result will be a casual meal like me and you will come back.

2. Skip dinner

I heard you don’t eat dinner to lose weight? Skipping dinner will not only not lose weight for a long time, but also cause gastrointestinal diseases, affect your sleep, and increase the chance of eating supper. Let the day’s weight loss end in a small but refined dinner!

3. No fat intake at all

Many talk about fat discoloration. In fact, fat is not our enemy. High-quality fat can help us moisturize our skin and increase exercise consumption. Flaxseed oil is recommended for high-quality fats in weight loss!

4. Too much salt intake

Salt will make our body edema and visually look more bloated. It is not only in ordinary meals, but the salt content in those humble snacks is several times, so you should eat less snacks when you lose weight.

5. Eat fruit as a meal

Everyone thinks that fruits are healthy and low-fat, so if you eat fruits, you will lose weight without restraint. In fact, many fruits are very high in sugar, and sugar is an important reason for our weight gain, so it is recommended that you eat high-sugar fruits for breakfast.

2Easily lose 30 catties of diet

Blindly imitating online diet meals may not be suitable for you, see what we can eat during weight loss, and learn to match fat-reducing meals that suit you!

1. Carbohydrates : quinoa, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oats, buckwheat, etc.

2. Protein : chicken breast, protein, seafood, beef, soybeans, dairy products

3. Oils and fats : olive oil, various nuts, avocado, coconut oil

4. Vegetables : all kinds of vegetables can be eaten, the more varieties are the better

5. Fruits : blueberries, apples, strawberries, grapefruit

The ratio of three meals is generally 3:4:3. For example, my daily intake of calories is 1200 kcal, so the intake for breakfast, lunch and dinner should be 360 ​​kcal, 480 kcal, and 360 kcal

310 tips to know to lose weight

1. Drinking plenty of water is not chicken soup, it can really improve your basal metabolism!

2. Don’t stay up late! Do not stay up all night! Staying up late will not only reduce your basal metabolism but also make your skin bad. Staying up late for a long time is not good for mobile phones~

3, choose to eat shelled food during shelling in allows you to reduce calorie intake

4. Get up a cup of black coffee in the morning to solve your edema and constipation problems. Drinking black coffee before exercise can also help you burn fat! !

5. Using sugar-free yogurt instead of salad dressing when making salads can save 200 calories.

6. Drinking soup before meals can increase your feeling of fullness.

7. Brushing your teeth after a meal can effectively control your appetite

8. Eat slowly and chew more ! I only eat one spoonful of food at a bite, and I chew more than 20 times in each bite. Chewing food for a long time will make your brain receive the signal of “fullness”.

9. Replace your oil bottle with an oil sprayer, so that you can reduce the amount of oil when cooking

10. Maintain a good mood , a good mood can control your weight. Anxiety and all kinds of stress often make you use food to relieve you. Do more things to make you feel better! For example, like this article ❤

The above is my practice for nearly a year. I hope that some of the suggestions I mentioned above can inspire you~

4Finally, remember 2 points:

You won’t become healthy because you lose weight, but because you become healthy, you lose weight automatically.

Therefore, your goal should not be to lose weight, but to make yourself healthier, pay less attention to weight, and pay more attention to changes in your heart and state.

If this sharing is helpful to you, compare it to heart + collection , I sincerely hope that the girls can slim down healthy and happy.

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