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Top 10 Gold Way for weight loss

Top 10 Gold Way for weight loss
Top 10 Gold Way for weight loss

Top 10 Gold Way for weight loss. Do you have trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose faster? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready for weight loss without hunger.

Our conventional ideas about weight loss – eat less, move more – require a lot of willpower. Counting calories, exercising for hours every day, and trying to ignore your hunger? At DietDoctor, we believe that’s needless suffering, and likely a waste of your time and precious energy.

1. Can I lose weight with small meals?

The problem with small and frequent meals is that every time you eat something, your blood sugar will fluctuate, and blood sugar fluctuations will cause your insulin to rise. The increase in insulin will cause fat storage.

If you eat small and frequent meals, you eat all day, and your insulin is high all day. Then you just want to lose weight.

So you see in various weight loss methods, small meals must be a failure.

2. Big fish and meat must be fat?

It is OK to eat fish and meat by itself, and the big fish and meat you mentioned must be overeating. In addition to big fish and meat, they drink alcohol, drink sugary drinks, and eat a lot of carbs. That kind is unhealthy.

Good big fish and big meat is a very good source of protein, not only will not be fat, but also very healthy, and will achieve a good weight loss effect.

Especially after you have an empty stomach for a period of time, eat the right amount of protein, it will increase your glucagon, and glucagon will burn fat.

So if you eat the big fish and meat correctly, you can lose weight.

3. Must eat low-fat food to lose weight?

In people’s concept, oil is synonymous with fat, and fat will grow fat. This is also a huge cognitive error. This misconception has been with us for many years. In the past, for a long time, our weight loss foods were almost all low-fat. But what do you think of the success rate?

Less than 5% can maintain a 10% reduction for five years, so low-fat food is not correct, not only not correct but also wrong. Fat is very important to us, and there have been many large-scale studies that illustrate one thing recently. The less fat you eat, the higher the mortality rate, and the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease. So stop believing that low-fat foods are healthy.

4, think that eating traditionally recognized staple food is healthy.

In fact, starch intake is not that important, even to the extreme, you can skip the starch. Many people will refute me and say, “Don’t harm people anymore. Starch is a very important thing for the brain. How can you not eat starch?”

Then I share here, we are in biochemistry, the nutrients our body needs are essential amino acids. The essential amino acids come from protein, so you must eat protein.

There are also essential fatty acids. So you must eat some fat.

But there is no so-called essential sugar in us, you have never heard of this term. It is because all the sugars in our body can be converted from biochemical reactions through the other two nutrients.

So whether you need to eat staple food or not depends on your tolerance. When I say tolerance, I mean that if you eat noodles and rice, you will get fat. You have to eat noodles and rice during the weight loss process. Where is the truth?

Therefore, these sugars such as noodles and rice have been confirmed in many studies in the past, and it is one of the main causes of obesity. So even if we don’t traditionally talk about FLC (a diet plan), we still recommend that you eat less carbohydrates. Eat less starch.

So the concept of having to eat staple food is really wrong. Especially with rice, bread, and flour as staple foods, the harm is even greater. If you use coarse grains, such as five-grain rice and taro, which are relatively coarse starches, the damage will not be so great.

5. Is fasting unhealthy?

Some people think that fasting is very scary and dangerous, and it will cause great harm to the body. Actually, I want to tell you, do you believe you are fasting every day?

You do not believe it?

Do you eat while you sleep?


So as long as you don’t eat, the time is called fasting.

The length of fasting is what we need to care about. So we will now use some techniques to lengthen the time when you don’t eat. For example, I often say that you should go for beauty sleep. If you are okay in the morning, go to bed later and wake up. If you wake up in the morning, if you are not hungry, If you skip that meal, you will start from the dinner of the previous day, go through asleep, and only get up at ten o’clock the next morning, and you will not eat until noon the next day. Your fast will reach 16 to 18 hours. Is it easy to achieve the so-called 18-hour fasting effect?

So fasting is not very scary. Fasting is actually the simplest and most economical way to burn fat by lowering insulin, lowering blood sugar, and raising glucagon. Wouldn’t it be great to achieve weight loss without spending money, sleeping more, skipping meals, and taking medicine?

6. Eat too much carbon water

The so-called diet pyramid was introduced in the United States in 1992. It is recommended that the proportion of carbohydrates is 55% and that you should eat less fat. However, after many years, it was discovered that the incidence of chronic diseases such as the three highs and diabetes increased significantly. Later, after more than ten years of research, by 2003, it was suggested that you don’t need to eat so much carbon water, and the proportion should be reduced. Some protein and fat are no problem.

In fact, the main reason for insulin resistance is that you consume too many carbohydrates and too much sugar. It has caused a high incidence of a series of complications, such as continuous low inflammation of the body, such as easy flatulence, hiccups, and acid reflux, such as diabetes, and so on.

My suggestion is to implement the 211 plate plan, that is, your vegetable dish for half of the plate, meat dish for a quarter, and low sugar carbohydrate dish for a quarter. Although I said that carbohydrates are not something you must consume, eating carbohydrates will make you happy and happy, so I don’t object to you eating some. Just control the amount.

This ratio is not dead. You have chronic diseases, diabetes, you gain muscle, you lose fat, you have some other individual differences, you can make changes, but the only constant is to control the intake of carbon water. .

7. Is it unhealthy to skip breakfast?

If you don’t wake up until ten o’clock in your sleep, why do you have to have breakfast together? It seems to have to eat breakfast. It makes no sense to have lunch again in the next two hours.

So now there are actually many studies that tell us that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, or that breakfast must be eaten to lose weight. This is simply the wrong concept. So don’t believe this anymore.

8, think that weight loss must be diet.

There is a saying, how can you lose weight if you don’t get hungry? What I want to tell you is that people who are hungry usually can’t lose weight. If you are hungry often, your body will have a reaction called hunger. Your head Will reset the desire for food, and your metabolic capacity will be greatly reduced but will become easier to get fat.

So don’t want to lose weight through dieting. Our FLC advises you to say that you have to eat every meal, but do not eat between meals. It is best to eat at a fixed time throughout the day. , The proportion of ingredients must be correct.

10, love to eat mixed cooking food.

What is mixed cooking?

It’s just that everything is fried together. You don’t even know what’s inside. Some people tell me that I’ll eat fried rice. Fried rice contains meat, vegetables, and eggs, but when it’s called When fried rice, it is mainly rice.

In other words, oh, I just have a bowl of beef noodles or a bowl of miscellaneous sauce noodles. Doesn’t it contain all the nutrients?

The amount of that noodle is much larger than other nutrients.

So in fact, mixed foods are easy to confuse in our weight loss process, that is, you can’t judge how much you eat. The most important thing you need to learn during the FLC process is to know which kinds of foods I have eaten and what their proportions are. How much is the serving size?

You don’t want to count that calories, but you have to use your eyes to judge the weight. At the same time, through our awareness, feel the relationship between you and the food. After you eat, your body feels full, comfortable, or hungry. In this process, you have to know what you are eating. . What you eat is meat, vegetables, carbs, or mixed together, you don’t even know what it is.

Many people like to add a lot of sauces, but you are actually eating sauces, you are not eating food. So mixed foods and mixed cooking foods are often one of the biggest reasons for our failure to lose weight.

10. Only look at body weight but not body fat.

You only pay attention to the weight number, but you don’t pay attention to the proportion of body fat or the proportion of muscle, and you often become a thin and fat man.

Some people only notice that my BMI is only 23, but my belly is huge. So the fat is all here, and it often accumulates into visceral fat. Although the body weight is light, the fat ratio is too high. Especially visceral fat. This is the most typical thin and fat man.

So these ten kinds of mine behaviors, or misconceptions. This is a mistake made by many people.

How many of these behaviors did you commit?

When you were young, you might have made a lot of things without feeling, and your weight didn’t seem to increase significantly, but one day you realized how your weight slowly increased out of control. And when your eating habits are the same as before, you said I haven’t changed anything, why suddenly I became fat.

That is to tell you that your body can no longer bear these wrong perceptions or behaviors, and it is time to start to change.

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