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Use GHunt to Find Information of Gmail

Use GHunt to Find Information of Gmail
Use GHunt to Find Information of Gmail

EN.wtfUse GHunt to Find Information of Gmail. The GHunt OSINT tool detects Google users’ account information using just their email address.

Ghunt is an OSINT tool that helps you track your object using Gmail. When you know someone’s Gmail email address, you can completely check what Google service that Gmail account is using, then track the object, see who that email is. Ghunt will help you to quickly automate the search for people by email.

Uses of Ghunt

Ghunt is an open-source tool that finds active Google IDs, YouTube channels, and Google services that users are using.

GHunt allows you to analyze your target’s “traces” based on an existing email. This OSINT tool, which can extract the account owner’s name and Google ID, YouTube channel, and active Google services, including Photos and Maps.

GHunt can also reveal the public photo, phone model, production, installed firmware and software, and possibly the user’s physical location.

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Ghunt is currently able to extract information including:

  • The name of the Gmail owner
  • The last time the profile was edited
  • Google ID
  • If the account is Bot Hangouts
  • Activated Google services (YouTube, Photos, Maps, News360, Hangouts, etc.)
  • YouTube channel
  • Username may differ
  • Public photo (P)
  • Phone models (P)
  • Phone software (P)
  • Software installed (P)
  • Reviews on Google Maps (M)
  • Possible actual position (M)
  • Events from Google Calendar (C)

(P)  requires the target account to have the default setting  Allow the people you share content with to download your photos and videos on the Google Album Archive or if the “object” that has ever used Picasa is associated with the Google account of surname.

(M) requires Google Maps reviews to be public (they are set by default).

C) ask the user to make Google Calendar public (default is Calendar in private mode).

How to use Ghunt to find information using Gmail

To use Ghunt you first need a Google account cookie. You can create a spam Google / Gmail account to trace another account.

Sign in with your Google account at https://accounts.google.com/ .

  • If using Chrome: press F12 -> select via the tab Application -> Storage -> Cookies .
  • If using Firefox: press Shift + F9 ->  Storage -> Cookies . (Should use Firefox on Kali linux to get cookies as well)
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get Cookies google account

Copy the parameters in the Value box of:

  • __Secure-3PAPISID:
  • HSID:

Next on Kali Linux 2019 and above (installed python3), open Terminal and type the command:

git clone https : //github.com/mxrch/GHunt.git
cd GHunt
pip3 install -r requirements. txt
python3 check_and_gen. py

Enter the parameters of Google Cookies as in the above step:

get google cookies using ghunt

If the message seems valid is successful!

Now we will proceed to trace the Gmail account owner. Use the command:

python3 hunt.py [email protected]

For example, I will find the owner of the email that [email protected]is using Google services, then we will type the command:

python3 hunt.py [email protected]

Wait for Ghunt to scan for a while, we will have the results of the email account owner above:

According to the search results, you will see that the owner of this Email is: Tuan Ngoc, living in Hanoi, using Youtube, Photos, Maps services. This account has a way to review on Google Maps and 1 Youtube channel

OSINT Ghunt finds information via gmail

Thus, with public information, we can easily collect personal information of anyone knowing that person’s Gmail. This is one of the OSINT tools I find quite useful.

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