Home Health What are the ways to lose weight that will make you “blow”?

What are the ways to lose weight that will make you “blow”?

What are the ways to lose weight that will make you
What are the ways to lose weight that will make you "blow"?

Not only the effect is good but also happy!

I am a female, 21 years old, height 158, using my own weight loss method, the results in less than a month are: weight 107-94, waist circumference 72-63, thigh circumference 51-48, calf circumference 37-35 (calf is really hard to lose weight Ooh)

From a fat girl with a small base but high body fat, she changed her body and was praised by all her friends, “God, you have lost too much”

Before losing weight, I was a very, very inferior girl. The dressing was always the easiest. I didn’t dare to take selfies. I walked on the road with a hunchback. but! After losing weight, you can try various styles of clothes, and there are more selfies on your phone. The most important thing is confidence! Confidence from the inside out!

If I remember correctly, fat life is like this:

When you buy clothes, choose a big size, you need to be loose
after eating, you always have to lose your belt and
take pictures, always hide at the end, just show your head

Life is a bit painful, but this time someone wants to say:

Who doesn’t want to lose weight?
But I can’t control my mouth, and I can’t hold
on without opening my legs and I
will rebound!

Therefore, it is still necessary to master the correct weight loss method to achieve ideal results and a happy process.

This is not the first time I lost weight. I started to lose weight in the next semester of my sophomore year.

At that time, my basic weight was 119 (almost 120 to give myself a little bit of face), and I continued to run for half a semester (shit, it’s better to walk 4 laps a day on a 400-meter playground) , and I lost weight on a sophomore summer diet to 97 (good) I am happy but there are still a lot of fats)

Diet and weight loss will rebound. When the epidemic was at home, I gained 107 kilograms again, and I wanted to cry without tears. In July, I started to study a really effective and not particularly painful way to lose weight.

After nearly a month of research and practice, it turns out that [exercise + eating + appropriate time] is definitely a way to lose weight that can be blown up!

Please, everyone! !! If you want to lose weight effectively without pain, you must read this answer and act immediately after reading it. Even if it is not the next swan sister, there will be a fairy sister in the world ヾ(*Ő౪Ő*)

The basis of this weight loss method is the menstrual period weight loss method. The answer roughly includes the following:

1. Time to lose weight

2. Weight loss exercise

3. Weight loss diet

The most important thing to lose weight (there are surprises at the end)

They are all super dehydrated and weight-loss dry goods. They are extremely sincere to share. The fairies remember to move the “fairy finger” and give me a thumbs up. It is best to collect them. When you don’t want to move, it looks like you love you. ✧

1. Time to lose weight

Believe that the sisters who lose weight have experienced it. There is a period of time every month that it is easy to lose weight, but there is also a period of time when it is difficult to lose weight. The effect is not proportional to the effort.

This is the special menstrual period of our girls. We only need to grasp the golden period of weight loss.

I used the golden period of weight loss to lose weight directly below one hundred kilograms. The process from 100_95 was caused after the last time my aunt ended, and I have not exercised every day. If you are more ruthless, 10 kilograms is not a problem!

At this time, it should be normal for me to list in detail what to do and how to eat in each cycle. Sisters, don’t worry, in fact, we only need to get the following conclusions based on this picture:

Explain, because many sisters asked me- menstrual period refers to the calculation from the first day of the menstrual period (for example, menstrual period 1-7 days is the first day to the seventh day of coming to the aunt) , this is a one-month cycle~

Menstrual period 1-7 days: Maybe at this time you will be more physically painful, you can be better with yourself, don’t need to exercise, eat more, happiness is the most important!

Menstrual period 7-14 days: You must work hard when you are happy, exercise to recover, and diet must be controlled. Body fat reduction exercise is very effective at this time. Be cruel to yourself at this time, and it will be a lot easier later, take good care of this time~

Menstrual period 14-21 days: the best period for shaping, do more comfortable shaping exercises, reasonably control your diet, and have the basis of previous exercises. It is also very relaxing here!

After 22 days of menstruation: You will be very irritable at this time, no accident, then let yourself go, exercise, eat more in this aspect, but don’t overeat ~

2. Weight loss exercise

The feeling of the body after exercise is definitely different from that of no exercise. Even if you are not thin, the firmness of exercise is more exciting (especially for boys or girls who like beautiful sisters like me)

If you want to lose weight quickly, you must keep up with the amount of exercise——

For example, when I lost weight for the first time, I went to the playground to run three or four laps every night. There was no use for farts. The southern city was still invincible and painful. I even think that doing a basic HIIT of keep every day can consume the calories I eat, it’s just a dream~

1. Some sports attention:

① There is no such thing as partial fat loss. You must cooperate with aerobic exercise to reduce fat. The correct exercise sequence is warm-up + anaerobic + aerobic + stretching.

② It’s not that the more you exercise, the more thin you will be. You must combine your physical strength to make progress gradually. For example, when I first started skipping rope, I could only jump 1,200, and then increased to 2,500 little by little. Don’t go too hard, otherwise you will get hurt. It’s really not worth the loss~

③ Rest 1-2 days a week, because the muscles also need to rest, stop aerobic fat loss exercise, you can do some shaping exercises

④ Be sure to stretch after exercise. Don’t underestimate stretching. It will make your muscle lines smooth and beautiful. Girls don’t like thick muscle legs.

2. Recommended for fat loss exercise:

According to the sequence of warm-up + anaerobic + aerobic + stretching mentioned earlier , I would like to recommend some exercise methods and video follow-up exercises that I have repeatedly eliminated many times and find them useful.

Warm up (10 minutes):

Warm-up must be done. Warm-up recommends Keep’s follow-up practice and Pamela’s warm-up song, which is exactly 10 minutes~ perfect!

Anaerobic (20 minutes):

No matter what you do with anaerobic exercise, remember to put it in front of aerobic exercise, so as to achieve the best results. Anaerobic follow-up exercises are recommended for Saturday Wilderness, directly link to ~

Aerobic (40 minutes):

The aerobic I do are mainly running and skipping rope. Running and skipping rope by myself are too boring. There are also exercise videos for these two. Just pick one and do it (I’m not sweet, remember to like it if you are sweet~)


This is the second stage of keep running. Novices who can’t run can start from the beginning.

rope skipping:

This blogger’s skipping rope is particularly effective, and the blogger is so beautiful, he will definitely sweat!

I want to focus on running, because running is always prone to accidents~

You must warm up before running, at least 10 minutes, or you will hurt your knees (I didn’t pay attention to warming up at the beginning , which made my knees feel very difficult when I went upstairs). Pay attention to stretching after running, otherwise it will really hurt. Long muscles, muscle legs are hard to lose weight!

Also, everyone should pay attention to sun protection when running outdoors. Even if you are running in the morning, you should also remember to wear sunscreen. Because running sweats, physical sunscreen is recommended.

I usually use Wigfield sunscreen. Because I have oily skin, it is safer to choose physical sunscreen ingredients . There is an ingredient in it called bisabolol, which has a good auxiliary repair effect on acne! The upper face is very refreshing, the film is super fast, and the most important thing is that it will not turn white after running (whitening is really embarrassing)

If you are really tanned, of course, you can make up for the drops. I was tanned a lot because I didn’t pay attention to the sun when running. Wigfi’s astaxanthin is also a good after-sun repair product, and the astaxanthin content in it can be improved The metabolism of the skin can repair the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. There is also a tranexamic acid component that can inhibit the formation of melanin and prevent freckles.

The ingredients are very mild, and it can be used on both oily and sensitive skin ~ used in front of sunscreen, it is simply an anti-UV artifact when running!

After running, you must pay attention to cleansing. I recommend the super easy-to-use facial cleanser I recently discovered-Baden’s Magic Bottle Rosemary facial cleanser. It’s amino acid drops, first I think it looks good, but after using it, I found it super easy to use!

Not only is it gentle and non-irritating, and has a great oil control effect, but since using this facial cleanser, I found that my face is less acne, because it contains rosemary extract, which can prevent mites and acne.

By the way, it is suitable for any skin type. My girlfriend with dry skin once tried it at my house and said it was easy to use. Let’s arrange it!

I recommend a domestic amino acid facial cleanser. In my mind, it is simply a cheap alternative to Fulifang. It is very mild and suitable for all skin types. The foam is also very delicate, and the skin feel is very close to Fulifang.

The important thing is that the price is cheap-49 yuan/120g, it is really the king of price-performance ratio in amino acid cleansing~

Then its skin conditioning lotion is also very easy to use, the gel texture is easily absorbed by the skin.

The lactic acid bacteria extract contained in it can also inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria, prevent acne recurrence, and have a significant lightening effect on red acne marks; the ceramide inside can enhance the skin’s ability to resist bacterial infections, eliminate mouth closure, and reduce acne. It is very suitable for exercise Use it later.


Stretching is mainly full-body stretching and leg stretching. No matter which stretching video, you must not be lazy and not stretch, otherwise you will only regret the muscles and legs ⊙︿⊙

Oh yes! There will also be a plateau and aunt period in weight loss. How can this be left? Intimate, Wan, also arrange for the sisters!

The 40-minute high-intensity HIIT is recommended for the breakthrough period. Once I did not change my weight for 5 consecutive days. After jumping this high-intensity HIIT, my weight immediately dropped the next day!

3. Weight loss diet

Everyone knows that to lose weight and practice to eat seven minutes, but always feel that this eating is too painful.

The pain is because you are dieting! Instead of controlling your diet!

The hazards of dieting are also terrible. When I was on a diet for the first time to lose weight, in addition to my aunt ran away, there was also severe hair loss.

1. Quit fried food, junk food and milk tea

If you don’t quit these things, being thin really doesn’t have much to do with you, unless you have a physique that is easy to lose weight and eat nothing.

I used to be a loyal fan of fried chicken and milk tea. As long as I’m cruel, I can quit and give everyone a small way to refuse these things:

When you want to eat, go to Xiaohongshu to search for the calories of ××× food, all of which are over a thousand calories, so you have absolutely no desire to eat! ! !

(One month of weight loss, the search record that appeared the most in my Xiaohongshu is the calorie of ××× food)

2. How to eat three meals a day

My three meals a day are strictly in accordance with the following picture ratio and time to eat:

For breakfast, I usually eat a corn + a peach + a cup of yogurt. I must have a full breakfast for breakfast, otherwise I will overeating at noon, so losing weight is in vain

Sometimes I will choose meal replacement for breakfast. Since I discovered the fairy product of full meal replacement, it seems to have discovered the new world~

Recently, I have been drinking Guzhiyoupin’s avocado milkshake, because the ingredients in it are really rich and safe. It not only contains animal and plant protein, but also avocado fatty acid, which is really suitable for people who exercise to lose weight.

The important thing is that while the feeling of fullness is strong, the calories are also very low. A cup of avocado milkshake is only 112 calories, and the taste will not be difficult to drink. On the contrary, the taste is smooth, with an avocado milky fragrance, and it can be chewed. Sweet and sour bananas, a drink in the morning can really improve the happiness of the day!

At about 10:00 in the middle, I will eat a handful of small nuts to add energy and nutrition. At this time, I can also eat a tomato and whiten it.

For lunch, most people have no way to refuse rice, or you will want to eat it even if your family eats it.

My method is to cut a purple potato or pumpkin and steam it on top of the rice every day before my mother cooks the rice . The vegetable protein will be the same as the family members eat, and occasionally cook a lighter soba for myself.

At around three o’clock in the afternoon, I will have a yogurt and sugar-free baked cereal to relieve my gluttony.

Dinner is usually a banana with a little spinach or seaweed soup (I love spinach, I don’t know if I will become Popeye)

Everyone pays attention here, carbohydrate (rice, steamed bun, noodles, purple potato, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin are all carbohydrates) must be eaten , not completely cut off the carbohydrate.

You can skip rice and pure wheat noodles and replace it with purple sweet potato/sweet potato/corn/pumpkin/purple rice. Occasionally, you can eat a steamed bun for breakfast, because you can’t lose weight for the rest of your life without eating rice. Will not rebound.

3. How to drink water

①Be sure to drink plenty of water to speed up your metabolism. Drink a large glass of warm water every morning when you wake up. I also bought a 750ml water glass to let myself drink water! ! !

② If you can drink yogurt or milk tea without sugar, drink sugar-free, or drink less. Chunzhen and Mosleyan on the market are all gaining weight. If you have money, drink truthful yogurt or Jane Eyre. If you have no money, drink Junlebao’s simple yogurt.

③Happy fat house water such as cola can be replaced with sparkling water from the vitality forest, which has almost no fat content. I usually buy a bottle and drink it slowly within 24 hours~

④Spare ribs soup/broth/spicy soup base, don’t drink the soup and watery things, they are all high-calorie things, refuse to refuse!

4. What should I do if I want to overeating?

A few days before I came to my aunt, I would want to eat very much, and most of my sisters probably do.

At this time, let yourself go! ! !

At this time of the month, you can ask your sisters to eat some delicious food, and they won’t grow a lot of meat, which is only about a catty. The golden period will be reduced all at once.

For example, this month I have an appointment with my girlfriend to eat a newly opened Yunnan cuisine on the 20th, looking forward to it~

We must always welcome the next stage in a good state!

At this point, everyone should be able to feel my whole weight loss method, but it is not very painful. Whether it is exercise or diet, all are secretly looking for happiness O(≧▽≦)O, if you think so too, or Do you have any secretly happy ways to lose weight? You can also tell everyone in the comment section~

The most important thing to lose weight

During the whole month of losing weight, I think the most important thing to lose weight is persistence and mentality. These two points determine whether you can lose weight happily.

adhere to:

Anything has to last for at least 14 days, preferably 21 days. You can’t say that you only ran for two days and gave up if you thought it had no effect.

So stick to it and stick to it. When it’s difficult, tell yourself to stick to it and it’s over. This will strengthen your will.

For example, when I ran 5 kilometers, when the last 1 kilometer was particularly difficult, I silently told myself that if I persisted a little longer, I would be able to drink water immediately. I found that it was not that difficult after running down~


Keep a good attitude, don’t feel sad because of overeating, and don’t feel sad because you haven’t lost your weight. It’s normal, and it’s not like you alone.

Moreover, you must remember that as long as you insist on exercising and a reasonable diet, even if you don’t lose weight, your body will look much better!

Sisters and fairies, as long as you start to act, you are half done~

If you really can’t stick to it, or if you find it hard to lose weight alone, you can find a group of sisters to lose weight and check in, or you can come to me and we will supervise each other! Be beautiful together!

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