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What is the cold knowledge of weight loss?

What is the cold knowledge of weight loss?
What is the cold knowledge of weight loss?

1. In daily activities, fat provides the most energy. Going to bed early and getting up early is really good for weight loss.

2. “Don’t stay up late”, your weight loss effect will be better than before.

3. Eating meat will not gain weight. The longest fat thing is a mixture of sugar and oil.

4. The amount of sweating does not mean that your exercise effect is good or bad.

5. Sit for a long time and hurt the knee and lumbar spine.

6. If you want to lose weight, a balanced diet is the most important thing. You must believe that exercise will make your body line look better.

7. Don’t believe in any drug on the market that can “eat it and lose weight without side effects”. You must refuse and refuse again.

8. Do not drink milk/yogurt drinks. Those with the word “drinks” are all foods with high sugar content. If you drink too much, you will gain weight.

9. Don’t worry about losing your muscles. It’s good to move reasonably.

10. For ordinary weight-loss people, eat meat normally for three meals a day, there is no need to supplement protein powder or a protein bar.

11. Body shape is more important than the numbers on the scale. Don’t block the numbers on the scale.

12. For weight loss beginners, don’t worry about whether to “gain muscle first or lose fat first”. Both can be done at the same time.

13. Eating with chopsticks is slower than eating with a spoon. Be sure to develop a good habit of chewing slowly!

14. You can download a keep targeted exercise without a lot of time for training

15. You can control your eating time within 8-9 hours a day, which will be more conducive to fat consumption.

16. Zero Coke, you can drink it appropriately.

17. For a meal in the fat loss period, the ratio of staple food to fat can be decreased, and the ratio of protein can be increased when the total amount remains the same.

18. No matter which platform you are on, the ones that tell you [Quick Weight Loss], [20 pounds and 30 pounds in ten days] are all fake, don’t believe it.

19. Use purified water, tea, and sugar-free coffee (if you are intolerant of caffeine, don’t drink it) instead of drinks.

20. Fat is not a bad thing. You must keep your oil intake during the fat loss period, otherwise, you will be constipated and your skin will become dull yellow and dull. Too much/too little fat is a bad thing.

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