Home Health What is the truth after losing weight?

What is the truth after losing weight?

What is the truth after losing weight?
What is the truth after losing weight?
If you want to lose weight while staying healthy, you must not only change your recent life habits until you reach the ideal weight you set, but also change your lifestyle in the next few months or even years.
That’s because once you stop eating during the weight loss period, it is very likely to return to the previous weight. In order to lose weight successfully, you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes, such as choosing healthy foods at almost every meal and exercising 3-5 times a week.

1. People who yell about losing weight every day seem to have never really lost weight!

2. After losing weight, the chest will become smaller

3. Drinking water will not only prevent edema but will help eliminate edema

4. The small weight loss goal set at the beginning of the year was finally not achieved by the end of the year

5. Eating only tomato and cucumber for a long time will not make you thin, but will make you hungry and tremble all over

6. It turns out that people who lose weight on diet can get fat again, and even get fatter than before.

7. On the Little Red Book: The method of “move wherever you want to be thin” is wrong. There is no partial reduction in fat loss.

8. Relying on perseverance to lose weight can not only make you confident and feel that you are extremely powerful, but it can also hardly be of many effects because you can’t hold it for a few days.

9. Weight loss only depends on calorie difference, but it may not be able to lose weight, because eating too little will reduce the basal metabolism, and the body’s intelligence is scary

10. Losing weight is the same as plastic surgery. The thinner you get, the thinner you want to lose weight. If you lose your arms, look at your legs.

11. Low weight ≠ good figure. The 110 kilograms of a muscle of someone else seems much better than the 100 kilograms floating on your fat body.

12. Fat and muscle can’t be converted into each other. I was afraid that the fat on the leg would turn into muscle, so I didn’t dare to press iron.

13. It turns out that it’s so hard to gain muscle. What I’m afraid of is not to become a King Kong Barbie. What I am afraid of is that there will be no effect after three days of training, and I can’t hold on

14. Losing weight is actually 7 points by eating, 3 points by training, you can lose weight without exercise

15. After losing weight, I can’t eat and drink and let myself go, and I have to continue to eat healthily

16. After losing weight, I especially like to look in the mirror. I always feel that I am a little fairy. I want to buy a small skirt. I also like to spray myself with fragrance.

17, the weight will increase after exercise

18. Not only eat meat to lose weight but also eat more meat

19. Weight loss should also be divided into stages, fat loss period, plateau period, stable period, weight is not a straight decline

20. The more perfect the plan, the more likely it is to be difficult to operate. When does the body lose fat and when does the weight fluctuate, it turns out that it is not under my control

21. Unhealthy ways to lose weight, sticking to the back is to rebound, body problems, and then give up weight loss

22. You don’t have to go to the gym for fitness. If you stand for two hours a day, the effect will be quite good.

23. After applying for a fitness card, I went to the gym to find out that I didn’t know how to use this equipment. I’d better run and run, but where can I lose weight and spend money to run in the gym?

24. Stock up on snacks, and you will eat them. Instead of hoarding snacks, it is better to prepare some low-sugar fruits

25. How can you lose weight quickly? Fat is eaten bite by bite, and you have to lose it bite by bite

26. Weight fluctuations in a short period of time are not a problem of fat at all. Most of them are caused by fluctuations in body water content.

27, 99% of people can lose weight successfully, just like you can eat fat, if you can eat fat, you can lose it back

28. It is never too late to lose weight. The key is that you have to start. “Thinking” and “Done” are two concepts

29. “Weight loss before strengthening the brain”, the words are rough and not rough, and the operation is as fierce as a tiger when you get started. Basically, they end up in anticlimax.

30. Whether a fat person is a potential stock depends on whether you can lose weight

31. Weight loss can improve the body, but it is difficult to completely change the appearance. The short legs can be thinner and the legs are longer, but there is still a distance from the goddess who has a leg length of 1.8

32. Snacks are not poison. You can eat them during weight loss. The focus is on the intake

33. Basically 90% of people who count calories with their fingers every day will fail

34. Where is the best time for exercise? If you don’t move, what is the best time for you?

35. There is still an indulgence day to lose weight, but the indulgence day can’t really indulge

Okay, haven’t you seen enough?

Don’t read it, know the truth, what can you do if you don’t practice it~

If you do it, you will win half; if you don’t do it, you will see it for nothing.

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