Home Health What kind of experience to be hungry and thin?

What kind of experience to be hungry and thin?

What kind of experience to be hungry and thin?
What kind of experience to be hungry and thin?

The advantages and disadvantages of being hungry and thin

Benefits: No need to rack your brains to think about how to become a real skinny person, so natural and more confident. The original camera is no longer afraid to take pictures of your body, your love for yourself is improved, and your skin sleep is better.

Disadvantage: The skin is loose (I originally planned to exercise after losing weight, but now I gradually start to exercise to tighten the skin)

Unscrupulous eating before the epidemic caused my weight to go to 118. I was frightened by the number on the scale. I felt very greasy. I felt disgusted with my skin like a layer of oil. The whole person was very heavy.

The convenience aspect is that I am very homely, and I don’t think so if I can’t see delicious food without going out. I uninstalled the takeout (I’m lazy, I’m too lazy to order takeout and download the software)

In the later period, my friend ate fried skewers in front of me and kept asking me to eat it. I can still make swan arms next to me. I only drink water for 7 days at the longest. I gave up if I was too empty. My face is also very bad. Sandwiches like meat and beef (made with whole wheat bread you bought yourself), eat fruit (kiwi, apple, dragon fruit, cucumber, tomato) at noon. The more you get to the back, the more you understand that weight loss is not urgent. The more ruthless you are, the faster you give up later. The harder to lose weight is not how determined you are and how ruthless you are to yourself, but it really depends on whether you can persist. When you see greasy things after a few bites, you will feel disgusted, including eating. Everything is full at one point, maybe I am not full, but my brain will tell me that I am full because I am too afraid of getting fat and don’t want to get fat again. Will force me to drink a lot of water and hot water every day.

Now I am ready to go to bed. After losing weight, I asked myself to go to bed before 10 o’clock every day before 12 o’clock at the latest. I was sleepy at 8 or 9 o’clock in the later period, and my mental state and skin were much better than before. Today I suddenly visited the city’s food and almost watched it for a long time Can’t help but remind the supervision of Laizhihusou related questions to not let up

Indeed, I am hungry and thinner, my body is lighter, and my posture looks better, but after all, it is a more extreme way to lose weight. I want to tell you what my body changes after dieting

1️⃣The appetite is reduced, and even I feel that my digestive function is degraded. Sometimes I get up to eat a meal, and I don’t feel hungry when I go to bed at night… It’s especially difficult to digest, and I always feel sick with something in my stomach.

2️⃣ immunity is low, and easy to stomach flu. I have had a stomach cold three times in half a year, every time it was accompanied by fever, I have never had it before

3️⃣ Hypoglycemia. Because I inherited my father’s low blood sugar, but after I lost weight, it really became more serious. When I got up in the morning, my eyes were so dark that I held on at the door for a while…

4️⃣Hair loss. It’s true that I lost more than before, but I feel that it’s not that scary… It depends on my physique, my hair volume is OK

I also want to say a few words about the mentality of losing weight. I followed the happy weight loss method (invented by myself, please correct me if it is unscientific), so I have never been stressed or anxious… To sum up, the main thing is The following points, I hope to help you

1️⃣Don’t! No! Don’t think about saying that when I lose xx pounds, I will eat a big meal, I have to make up for myself! The consequence of thinking this way is generally either that you fail to lose weight and you can’t control yourself, or you finally lose weight and regain weight… Because you always feel that losing weight is a loss for your mouth and stomach, and whoever loses will explode.

2️⃣You can set a few more small goals, and reward yourself for achieving it~ You lose 5 pounds, or your girth is reduced by 3 cm, and you can reward yourself with a small cosmetic, small jewelry, and the like. When you see that your body is getting better and better, you will be really happy and feel worth it!

3️⃣If you can’t lose your weight during the platform period, don’t weigh it every day, just add to yourself! I won’t repeat the scientific principles of the plateau period here. I know that there are many professional answers. I believe that girls who are losing weight don’t know the plateau period. Why do they have to stare at me every day if they know that they can’t escape Add a blockage to yourself, divert your attention and do something else, weigh yourself once a week to stabilize it~

4️⃣What should I do if I really want to eat high-calorie foods? Think carefully before making a decision. Take me as an example, when I suddenly want to eat fried chicken, I will subconsciously compare whether I eat fried chicken is happier, or whether I am more saddened by strengthening control and exercise consumption (food I’m already familiar with the approximate calories)… Then I don’t want to eat it… If I still want to eat after the comparison, just eat it! Appetite will be fermented, forcibly holding it will easily rebound! Anyway, think about it this way. You have prepared yourself to deal with these calories without feeling guilty or anxious…


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