Home Health Which lifestyle habits can be changed to lose weight successfully?

Which lifestyle habits can be changed to lose weight successfully?

Which lifestyle habits can be changed to lose weight successfully?
Which lifestyle habits can be changed to lose weight successfully?

Just change some living habits, and you can lose 5 to 15 pounds a month after 8 months, without much pain.

Simple and easy to operate, easy to complete every day, making weight loss easy.

1. Have breakfast

Breakfast is the key to “metabolism”.

My daily routine: skimmed milk + cereals (whole wheat food, oatmeal) + eggs

2. Eat more high-fiber foods

Fiber cannot be consumed and absorbed by the human body, and the feeling of fullness is high, which reduces the desire to eat.

I have collected 20 kinds of low-calorie and high-fiber vegetables. Check the calories for everyone:

  • Peas (31.9 kcal)/ fresh mushrooms (26 kcal)/ bell peppers (26 kcal)/ purple cabbage (25 kcal)
  • sweet potato leaves (27 kcal)/ spring bamboo shoots (25 kcal)/ mustard (27 kcal) Calorie)/ Enoki mushroom (32kcal)
  • White beans (34kcal)/ Black fungus (27kcal)/ Cabbage (13kcal)/ Baby cabbage (13kcal)
  • Green amaranth (30kcal)/ Rape heart ( 15 kcal)/ Celery (17 kcal)/ Pleurotus eryngii (35 kcal)
  • beans (34 kcal)/ fresh kidney beans (315 kcal)/ fresh mushrooms (25 kcal)/ cauliflower (20 kcal)

3. Diet ratio

My daily intake of calories to lose weight is about 1200 calories,

Please refer to my weight of 165cm 145 kg before losing weight, and add or subtract intake according to my own situation.

The ratio of my ingredients is-vegetables: staple food: high protein meat = 5: 2: 3

4. Order of meals

I always eat high-water, large-volume vegetables first, and take the place in the stomach first.

Eat meat, or protein-containing tofu, seafood, eggs, etc.

Finally, eat the staple food.

5. Which one should eat less staple food or meat

Sometimes it’s not better to just pursue low-fat,

In fact, eat more meat with less carbohydrates and increase protein intake, which is more conducive to losing your belly.

6. Eat less liquid food: porridge, fruit puree, etc.

Liquid food is too easy to digest, easy to be absorbed, not resistant to hunger, and not low in calories.

7. Make sure to include at least one staple food every day

I didn’t eat staple foods to lose weight at all, and I insisted on it for a month, but the rebound was super fast!!

Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel, and the direct rejection of staple foods means a rapid rebound in the later stage.

8. Fasting after 7:30 p.m.

I usually eat at 7 o’clock at the latest, and all I can eat after that is water.

9. Cook yourself

Cooking by yourself is the best habit to lose weight! ! I prefer to choose oil-free cooking. Wenguan Guo has my unlimited repurchase, which can be used for cold and stir-fry.

10. Maintain calcium supplementation

I used to lose weight too hard and unscientifically, and I felt that there was a problem with my health.

Now I take an average of 1,000 to 1,500 mg of calcium per day, and my body is the capital.

11. Fat reduction “afternoon tea”

To lose weight, you must buy kiwis every day!

I often eat 1-2 kiwis in the afternoon. The nutrients in kiwis help digest food and break down fat.

12. Dinner ingredients

Eat more ingredients to reduce edema for dinner! I choose winter melon soup or mung bean. Edema is also one of the reasons for obesity.

13. Reject salad dressing

I love salads, but 1 spoon of salad dressing has 100 calories.

Later, I replaced the salad dressing with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. The calories were very low and the taste was very refreshing.

14. Yogurt for dessert

60g ice cream has 160 calories and 10g fat.

I froze the yogurt to eat. It was more than a dozen calories, delicious and not fat.

15, cooking more tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which can reduce calorie intake and reduce fat accumulation.

Supplementing multiple vitamins is good for maintaining the body. I eat cherry tomatoes every day at work.

16. Drink water before meals:

Water helps break down waste products, allowing them to pass through the digestive tract smoothly.

Recommend soda or American coffee, it can also take up part of the stomach to prevent eating too much.

17. After-dinner activities:

The best “exercise” is the kitchen. I love washing dishes, and washing dishes can consume 500-1000 calories.

18. 0 card snacks:

Instead of suppressing your appetite and then overeating, it is better to eat low-calorie snacks appropriately. There are many 0-fat and low-calorie foods on the market now.

19. Reject carbonated drinks:

People who drink too many carbonated beverages will increase their fracture risk by about 3 times

The sugar content is huge, a small coke = 7 big rock candies!

Eat three meals a day on time, and a blind diet is not worth the loss!

Eat 200 grams of sweet potato, purple potato, or corn as the staple food. If you must eat rice, choose brown rice, but keep it within 100 grams.

For meat, choose fish, shrimp, seafood, and other better protein ingredients, and pay attention to the amount of meat for a meal at 100 grams.

Vegetables give priority to leafy vegetables, then mushrooms, and then green peppers and tomatoes. Eat 100-200 grams of vegetables.

20. Divide 4-5 meals a day:

I don’t eat every meal and I feel almost quit. I eat 4-5 things a day

21. “Exercise” after getting off work:

When I get off the subway, I choose the route that is the farthest walk to my home, or I go shopping directly or go to the supermarket.

It’s not painful~ but it’s moving!

22. Don’t avoid walking stairs:

If you want to thin your hips and thighs, you should climb more stairs. Don’t use elevators for subways and shopping malls!

23. Soak your feet before going to bed:

Soak your feet so cool ~ The water level is best to soak the calf.

The water temperature must feel a little hot, soak for more than 20 minutes! Will go to the edema!

24. Keep weighing every day:

It is a very good weight loss habit to keep weighing every day.

Weight is the most direct feedback. While daily feedback supervises the completion of the goal, it is also a reminder to implement it.

25. Guarantee sleep:

I wanted to go to bed at 11 o’clock. Enough sleep can ensure metabolism can detoxify and help lose weight.

26. Chew slowly:

Chewing more food in each bite will obviously make it easier to eat. Eating too fast actually your stomach is full, but your brain hasn’t reacted yet.

27. A cup of anti-dampness tea a day:

I was very damp when I was fat. The easiest and most effective way to get rid of dampness is to drink red bean and barley tea to remove dampness.

People who want to lose weight, as long as they really change their living habits, there is no one who can’t lose weight! !

Don’t refuse to make yourself a thin and healthy person~

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