Home Health Why did you suddenly want to lose weight?

Why did you suddenly want to lose weight?

Why did you suddenly want to lose weight?
Why did you suddenly want to lose weight?

Because I realized that I was as fat as the proprietress in the community supermarket

Born in 1992, the height is 169, and the weight has been hovering between 130-140 pounds. In summer, it is 60 outcropping if it is thinner, and it is about 64 in winter. It is not slim, but the skeleton is big and it is not very fat, which is just right.

It was not until after marriage that I became pregnant and gave birth to children. The first trimester of pregnancy became severe. After 4 months, the reaction disappeared, and my appetite was widened. I used tobacco and alcohol to eat raw, and other unscrupulous, sour, sweet and spicy, salty drinks, cola ice cream cake, snail powder, hot pot skewers Chicken potato chips, a variety of fruits, as long as I want to eat, there is nothing to eat, my prenatal weight soared to 185 pounds, I went to the obstetrics doctor to control the weight, just because everything is normal every time. The fetus is well developed and blood sugar is normal, but it is still not controlled. On the morning of October 1, 19, I gave birth to my son, 14 pounds. After giving birth, I walked on the ground in the evening. The nurse station had a scale and went up with joy. 175pounds, after the baby was born together, the amniotic fluid, placenta, and other tissues lost 22 pounds. I was very disappointed. I was the kind of person who imagined that I could lose 265 pounds after giving birth. The reality hit me. (Read also What is the cold knowledge of weight loss?)

When I returned home and started confinement, my confinement did not make very greasy broth, but there was little activity during the confinement and lack of milk. My baby ate milk powder and my weight did not drop. I started exclusively breastfeeding soon after my confinement. I’m hungry every day, eat fast, move less, and finally go back to work after taking maternity leave. The new crown epidemic hits and I stayed at home for two months. The most exaggerated thing is that I haven’t stepped out of the door for 50 days. I just eat every day. I was breastfeeding and lying down in my bedroom, living room, and toilet every day until June. My weight rose to 190 pounds. I had a big waist, round face, and a swollen body with fat. At this time, I still paralyzed myself through the reason for breastfeeding. My baby needs nourishment, so I still eat and eat. Eat, eat, eat, my husband and my mother said that I’m fat, while they buy me food and make good food, thinking about losing weight after weaning the baby, and because they’ve been lying at home wearing pajamas, they can’t be practical Really feel what it is like to gain 40 pounds.

Until that day, I was playing with my son. My mother went to the supermarket downstairs to buy vegetables and said to me, I think you are about the same figure as the proprietress of the supermarket now, that is, you are taller than her. The proprietress is very familiar and often talks and laughs). At that time, I was irritated because the height of the proprietress was probably less than 160, and the weight must be 350, so she was very chubby.

The weight loss started on July 13th. Today is October 15th. I have lost 32 pounds in three months. Although I am still a fat man, at least he is not a big fat man anymore. The clothes before can also fit in. I have been breastfeeding during this period, but I still can obviously feel that it is not as good as eating and drinking. I feel sorry for my son here. After losing weight, I have a lot of confidence. Because after the full resumption of work in June, I went to work. Everyone, I know said: **Why are you gaining so much weight? For things like that, it’s okay to wear a mask. I am laughing and joking on my face. In fact, I feel very uncomfortable. Now that I have lost 30 pounds, my self-confidence has returned a lot. There are still 27 pounds, keep going

Losing weight is a sudden decision because I love beauty, I want to be beautiful, I want to be the young and beautiful mother in my son’s eyes, and I am not willing to be a fat man. Let me talk about how I lost 30 pounds in three months.it

After making up my mind to lose weight, I actually don’t have a clear plan. I know that I must control my diet and exercise first.

First of all, we got rid of the habit of eating sweets including (sweet-filled cream bread tart milk tea biscuits and other foods with high sugar content, avoid any beverages), fried foods, hot pot dishes, and other heavy salt and heavy oil habits. Because I’m still breastfeeding, I changed my diet instead of light fasting.

Morning: Two eggs (you can boil in plain water or cook with noodles, eat less noodles), boiled corn for two small sections, if you are not full, you can have two slices of whole wheat bread

Drink more water

Noon: Eat low-oil meat and various fried vegetables. If you are still hungry, you can eat a small amount of staple food, such as rice or tortillas.

Afternoon: If you are hungry, you can drink a large glass of warm water first, and then eat some fruits. If you are very hungry, you can eat some bread or snacks

Don’t go on a diet to lose weight in the early stages of weight loss. This can easily lead to the next overeating. Hunger will deepen the desire for things and make it difficult to last. Rapid weight loss is not the goal. Develop good eating habits to keep healthy and lose weight for a long time. Ultimate goal

Drink more water

Evening: Cold kelp salad with cucumbers, vegetable stir-fried vegetables, chicken drumsticks or beef with less oil and salt, low-value and high-protein, the staple food can be boiled corn, water, purple potato, and other high-fiber satiety, eat it Leave the table when you are full for 7 minutes, and you will find that you are not hungry after swinging for a while

Exercise category: It is said to lose weight by 7 points and eat 3 points. With a reasonable diet and exercise, you will lose weight healthily.

I just bought a one-month membership at Keep so that I can tailor exercises according to my own situation. I do 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise 7 days a week, and I will go there after meals every day. Walk 5 kilometers and keep one kilometer within 10 minutes. Those who like running can also change to running. By adjusting my eating habits and exercising, I lost 10 kg in the first month of weight loss, and 14 kg in the second month.

In the second month of weight loss, I will be very greedy for barbecue and Chuan Chuan Xiang hot pot. I have eaten barbecue and Chuan Chuan Xiang many times, but every time it is appropriate, I will not let myself eat it. Especially Chuan Chuan Xiang, you can put a little bit less seasoning For sesame oil, eat more beef, eat fewer vegetables that will bring a lot of oil after cooking, do not drink beverages, drink water. Losing weight is not an ascetic, eating healthy and thin is the ultimate goal

By the third month of losing weight, I was tired of walking and keeping. Forgive me for not being a person who loves a certain sport. I changed to skipping rope. This is also very short-term and efficient that I have seen on Zhihu. I tried the whole body fat burning exercise before when I weighed 190 pounds. However, the tonnage was too large, and I felt low blood sugar after not jumping twice. The Internet also said that heavier weight is not suitable for skipping and hurting the knee too.

After losing more than 45 pounds, I started to skip rope. I took every 100 jumps as a stage. I took a break after 100 jumps and then jumped again. A total of 1000 jumps, the time is controlled within 20 minutes.

After 2 weeks of jumping, I added to 1500 or 1600, and I finished the jump in 25 minutes. This time there is no limit to 100 jumps at a time. You can jump as many as you can. If you are tired, you can rest. Don’t be too strict with yourself. Can last

Just eat and exercise like this, I will lose 155 pounds by the end of September, and there is a plateau in the middle, and my weight has not changed for 2 weeks, but I have to stick to it, because being too fat will affect my health, and being reasonably thin is the truth.

Now it’s cold, and I’ve come home from get off work in the evening to feed the child. It’s dark and windy, so I don’t jump anymore. In addition, the child gets older and sticks to me. I stay with the child at night, and the weight loss is slower. 150 pounds, the goal for the end of this year is 60, and I hope to achieve it.

Here I want to thank my mother for helping me with my children during the day. I also make fat-reducing meals for me when I get home from getting off work. I go to exercise and then watch the children. She will go to wash clothes and clean up the house until I finish the exercise and take a shower. Without my mother’s selfless help, it would be impossible for me to lose weight and thank my mother.

This is a breastfeeding mother, an ordinary person’s daily routine for weight loss. I read a lot of formulas for calculating body fat metabolism calories on the Internet. I didn’t understand or have too much patience to read it. For the general public, weight loss is a daily routine. , You don’t need to accurately calculate the calories in each bite. You just need to know when you eat each meal. You can eat more and eat less. If you don’t control it, you’ll eat more and eat less for the next. Set a small goal for yourself. After achieving this goal, you can eat whatever you want and reward yourself, and then continue to cheer.

Attached are two memos to record the weight every day during the weight loss period. In fact, I was a bit aggressive and anxious at that time. I don’t have to weigh my weight every day, just record it every three days.

The recording is also intermittent, and I am not a particularly persevering person myself, just record the various stages of weight loss.

Sisters who want to lose weight, cheer together. You look really good when you lose weight.

I am so happy, I have broken a hundred praises, and I will see the kind and beautiful little brothers and sisters who encourage me when I open Zhihu every day. I am so happy. Good luck and a good figure. Now the weather in Beijing is very cold. In summer, it’s impossible to do brisk walking and skipping outdoors every day. Weight loss is slow. Not only is it so cold, but people are also hungry fast, and they growl hungrily in the afternoon. I want to eat snacks but I am afraid of gaining weight. The 93-year-old lady who is 173,110 kg in the office recommended me a taro smoothie which is a sharp tool to satisfy my hunger and not gain weight. Sisters.

For a married and child-bearing mother, the focus of life is the child. My son will make a happy voice every day when I get home from getting off work. At this moment, I don’t want to worry about unhappy work and disputes with my husband. Work hard. Take good care of your body shape and be my son’s positive, optimistic, and beautiful mother.

Sisters, cheer up together. If you have weight loss experience, parenting experience, and life experience, you can add friends to chat and discuss. Being happy is the most important.

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