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Why does it take at least 3 months to lose weight to see the effect?

Why does it take at least 3 months to lose weight to see the effect?
Why does it take at least 3 months to lose weight to see the effect?

I believe that many people have such confusion, losing weight has been decreasing, but has not seen the results. After you exercise for three or five days, you find that your weight hasn’t changed much, so it didn’t take long to give up exercise.

After a while, I felt dissatisfied with my body and embarked on a journey to lose fat, but you who pursued speed ended in failure every time.

Many people think that since the exercise is unsuccessful, try dieting. In the first few days, you can really see your weight slowly drop, but your body is also lacking in nutrients, muscles are gradually lost, and your body’s energy is insufficient. Your hands and feet will be weak and dizzy.

At this time, you are thinking that since you have lost your weight, it is not an exaggeration to eat a big meal, and then you will break your diet and sweep the food, and your weight will immediately return to the pre-liberation period, 1-2 heavier than before.

Why is there such a situation?

You have to know that the purpose of weight loss is to reduce the fat in our body, not water, muscle and other substances. What you lose in the early stages of dieting is the body’s water and muscles, so you can see the weight loss, but once your diet returns to normal, the rate of weight gain will also be very fast. Weight loss requires diet control, but not dieting! You can’t reduce your calorie intake excessively in order to lose weight.

The pursuit of a fast way to lose weight is the reason why you repeatedly lose fat and end in failure. The human body needs time for buffering and adaptation. Whether it is diet or exercise, you need to maintain a scientific method and persist for enough time to witness the effect and not rebound!

Returning to the theme of exercise to lose weight, why do many people give up halfway through exercise? This is because the persistence time is not long enough, so you can’t see the quality result caused by the quantitative change.

So, how long does it take for people who need to lose weight to see the effect?

The stomach cells in our body are renewed every 7 days; the skin cells are replaced every 28 days; the body cells need to be renewed every 90-180 days. And cells have memory function. If your weight loss cycle is too short, your body will still rebound back to your original figure and weight.

Therefore, it can be seen that we have to maintain weight loss for at least 90-180 days in order to see changes in body shape and maintain weight. Our body produces new cells every year to replace these naturally dead cells.

Our body has a memory function, just like hair, where hair falls, new hair will grow in the same place in a few days. You need your body cells to remember your new weight, not your original weight. Therefore, your weight loss cycle must be long enough to allow the new cells to have a new weight memory and replace the previous cells.

So, don’t just start working out for a week, half a month to draw conclusions about your body, let alone give up weight loss exercise. The first 90 days of fitness exercises are also a critical period for consolidation. It is the process of resetting memories for your body.

From a scientific point of view, exercise and fitness must persist for 90-180 days and break through the barrier of cell regeneration in order to see the changes in the body.

From a practical point of view, many people give up in less than a few weeks, because when they first started exercising, the weight loss results they saw were too low, and less than 20% of people persisted. And these 20% of people insisted to the end to gain not only a figure, but also a healthy body, and the fun of exercise and fitness.

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